This Is What Lawlessness Looks Like: Church & State Edition

Lately, those of us who believe in the rule of law and due process are suffering from an embarrassment of riches. Not in examples of decorum or probity mind you. Instead, we have a surfeit of imprudent actions that imperil civilization as we know it. Sadly, this loss of civility and common sense reigns among […]

Another Blunder by Patriarch Bartholomew?

After the failure of Crete you would think Pat. Bartholomew and his synod would realize that their papalist pretensions could lead to schism. Greek metropolitan calls on Constantinople to repent and cease communication with Ukrainian schismatics Source: Orthodox Christian “The Patriarchate of Constantinople’s persistence in granting autocephaly to Ukrainian schismatics has led to these sad […]

If the Past is Prologue…

…then we’re in a heap of trouble. Below is a short (50 minute long) video documentary of Mikhail Denysenko, the so-called Patriarch Philaret of Kyiv. It does not paint a pretty picture. Look folks, I’m very forgiving. Nobody’s perfect. If our Church can canonize scoundrels like King David and Flavius Constantinus as saints, then we […]

Turnabout is Fair Play

Darn it! The ever-delightful Byzantine Texas, has beaten me to the punch again. He even came up with the title I wanted to use. Oh well. Seriously, what did those desk-jockeys at the Phanar expect? That Russia and the rest of the Orthodox Commonwealth would look kindly on this brazen, obviously political move? Really? […]

A Canon Aimed at Moscow?

Well, I imagine that –contrary to the hopes expressed in the vlog below–cooler heads are not prevailing. At least not in Istanbul. What we are seeing is papalism run amok. Ultimately, this will not stand. Unfortunately, in the meantime, much sorrow will ensue. Including schism. And possibly bloodshed. And all for what? To try and […]

Ireland: What Happened?

Four months ago, in May, the Irish Free State overturned the Eighth Amendment, that once-proud Catholic country’s ban on abortion. This sent shock waves throughout the world. Ireland; a tiny country whose out-sized influence on the world was due to the massive diaspora of its stubborn and resourceful people. A people which, perhaps more than […]

Another Way to Know When You’re Winning an Argument

The Digital Apocalypse has been temporarily postponed. Last week, President Trump (peace be upon him!) threw down the gauntlet at the oligarchs of Silicon Valley. And not a moment too soon. He told them that the censorship has got to stop. Now. Or else they run the risk of being turned into public utilities and […]

Fancy Bear & the EP. . .

Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, right? I do think there’s some kind of story here so George said, “Go ahead and write it.” I’d write it if I had any idea where it was going. I’m afraid it might turn out like one of those Grimms’ Fairy Tales where the EP gets […]

More Thoughts on Russia: The Geostrategic Angle

Look at this picture. Remember it. Burn it into your memory. Or better yet, send it to all your “muh democracy” friends. You know, those armchair warriors who hang out at the local Starbucks and wax militaristic against that evil dictator Vladimir Putin. (Just as long as it’s those rednecks from the Red states who […]

Is This How It All Ends?

This is not a column I wanted to write. And I certainly didn’t want to post the following video. But I’m afraid it’s come to this. As you all may know, I have stated that I have a great admiration for the Catholic Church. Besides the fact that I was born in a Catholic hospital […]

Is This Statement Heretical?

From the Council of Crete: “The Orthodox Church considers all efforts to break the unity of the Church undertaken by individuals or groups under the pretext of maintaining or allegedly defending true Orthodoxy as being worthy of condemnation.” (Hat tip to Billy Jack Sunday.) I ask this question in all sincerity.

Are We Entering a St Mark of Ephesus Moment?

Good question. Somebody (I think it was FDR) once said that “there are no coincidences in politics”. I imagine you can apply this aphorism to Church politics as well. Case in point: recently Patriarch Kirill of Moscow celebrated a liturgy with several hierarchs. His homily was on St Mark Eugenicus of Ephesus, the lone Orthodox […]

The GOA: More Ecumenism Ahead?

Well, folks, it looks like we need to open another thread on the continuing woes of the GOA. Archbishop Demetrios wants to pay homage to the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas purportedly to “symbolically suspend the separation of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox church a thousand years ago.” I’m hoping that this is […]

More Thoughts on My Pilgrimage: Butovo

Well, this is Part II of my “travelvlog”. Thank you all for your patience. A word of introduction, the photo which you see is Fr Ilya Gotlinski standing before the memorial wall which was recently erected at Butovo. On it are the names of every one of the victims of Stalin’s terror as well as […]

Ukraine + Autocephaly = Schism?

In a previous vlog, Yours Truly opined that the auguries for an autocephalous Church for Ukraine didn’t look good. Regrettably, I now come to an opposite conclusion. (By the way, I fully intend to comment further on my recent pilgrimage to Russia but events seem to be spiraling out of control vis-a-vis the Ukrainian front.) […]

My Recent Pilgrimage to Russia: Some Thoughts

A blessed feast of the Dormition to one and all! Now let’s get to business: first of all, there is no way I’m going to do justice to what I experienced, either in written or oral form. Hopefully, you will be able to get a sense of what we experienced while in Russia. I’ll try […]

Russia, Hacking and Moral Panics

First of all, I thank you all for your patience. Truth be told, I’m not completely recovered from my pilgrimage to Russia but I’m getting there. Just so you know, I plan on commenting on it fairly soon. There’s still so much for me to process so I’d appreciate your patience. (Long story short: it […]

Well Done, Kevin Allen, Thou Good and Faithful Servant!

One of the bright lights of American Orthodoxy, Kevin Allen was the founder of Ancient Faith Radio, the gold standard of electronic evangelism and outreach in the Anglosphere. Kevin’s podcasts and interviews on AFR were pivotal to many an inquirer’s journey into Orthodoxy. Kevin explored a variety of topics: everything from bioethics with Father John […]

Greetings From Russia

Greetings to all. We’re having a wonderful time in Russia. I’m still trying to process a lot of thoughts. In the meantime, please take a moment to watch this short documentary about the life and ministry of Father Alexander Men. We visited the site where Father Alexander was assassinated by an unknown assailant in 1990. […]

An Open Letter to Metropolitian Gerasimos, Metropolis of San Francisco, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

A workshop led by a GOA priest was held at the Clergy-Laity Conference of the GOA in Boston recently whose son is homosexual. Attending was Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco. Parents of gays have a cross to bear (no parent really wants their child to be homosexual) and as such it is understandable that they […]