The Blue Wave Meets the Red Wall

Well, they were right: that was a midterm to remember. A lot to chew on. Much more will be said in due time. For now I can say that we’ve only begun to grasp the implications of Trumpism, not only here but around the world. The most immediate thing that comes to my mind at […]

“Temper of Will” Summer Camp

We would appreciate a comment from the progressives in Orthodox circles (and you know who you are) about this situation: Training Kids to Kill at Ukrainian Nationalist Camp KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a […]

Some Thoughts on the “Blue Wave”: Dems Stealing Votes Edition

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s as if Chicago’s legendary Daley political machine never went away. Or has just metastasized in a different form. I mean really, do the miscreants who run Broward and Palm Beach counties think that the rest of the nation is that stupid? I mean, it’s […]

Ode to Greatly Saddened

We thought we’d open up this thread just for the news. Post links here. As you all may know, an anonymous poster who goes by the moniker Greatly Saddened has provided us with a plethora of news over the past few years. It thus came to our attention that a sub-forum on this blog was […]

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor: Metropolitan Joseph

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian archdiocese, has issued a directive to the priests of that jurisdiction. This is in regards to the imperial overreach by the Patriarch of Constantinople. You can read it for yourself here (my. Comments below.): * * * I imagine that the non-phanariote hierarchy is planning major pushback. For […]

Who’s on First?

Archbishop Job (Getcha): Phanar Did Not Recognize UOC KP and UAOC Filaret and Makariy were returned to the bosom of Ecumenical Church, but they were not recognized as primates of church structures, cleared up Archbishop Job (Getcha). (You mean clear as mud? –editor) The Synod of the Church of Constantinople did not legitimize the Kiev […]

Nationalism for Me but Not for Thee

It’s rather curious but things spiritual and temporal seem to be aligning themselves. One case in point is the recent furor over President Trump’s commemts regarding nationalism. You’d of thought that he issued it while wearing a Nazi armband and then singing the Horst Wessel song. Some in Orthodox circles did condemn it like they […]

Another Open Letter to Metropolitan Gerasimos

Every now and then Yours Truly likes to publish contributions ftom our readers. Billy Jack Sunday is one of our more popular contributors and commentators. We hope you enjoy his wit as much as we do! (Nothing wrong with a little levity every now and then.)

When Is an Autocephalous Church not an Autocephalous Church?

Answer: when it’s the so-called Kyiv Patriarchate. Sorry for the snark, but I should have seen this one coming from a mile away. I actually believed that the Ecumenical Patriarch was going to grant a clean bill of autocephaly to the schismatic sect known as the Kyiv Patriarchate. I mean really: is Michael Denysenko the […]

Repent, and Stop This Insanity

By Metropolitan Jonah October 12, 2018 Once again, the United States and its policies are creating chaos, setting up the murder of innocent people, and disrupting an ancient institution. Only this time, it is direct interference in the affairs not just of a nation state, Ukraine, but of a religious institution, the Orthodox Church. And […]

Breaking: EP Proclaims Autocephaly for Orthodox Church of Selene

[Dateline: Oct 9, 2118]. According to the Associated Press, His All-Holiness Bartholomew III, Ecumenical Patriarch and Archbishop of New Rome, issued a tomos of autocephaly to the breakaway Orthodox Church of Selene. Selene (pronounced sel-LEE-knee) was formerly under the omorphor of the Russian Orthodox Church and was known as the Diocese of Tranquility. It was […]

The Kavanaugh Hearings and What They Mean for the Future of the Republic

I don’t ordinarily engage in hyperbole (believe it or not). But I very much believe that we are at a turning point in the history of republican self-governance. That is to say, are we going to remain a republic based on constitutional law and custom or are we going to degenerate into banana republicanism? The […]

Credit where Credit Is Due

Yours Truly has been a vociferous critic of Syosset at times. Nevertheless, whenever the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) does something right, then it should be pointed out. And yesterday, they did something right. His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, Archbishop of Washington, D.C. and Metropolitan of All-America and Canada, released a […]

“Follow the Money”

This popular cliche first came into widespread use during the 1970s, during the time of the Watergate scandal. Basically, if you wanted to know why a certain (usually white-collar) crime occurred, all you had to do was “follow the money” and it would become clear. You could apply this dictum in all sorts of secular […]

This Is What Lawlessness Looks Like: Church & State Edition

Lately, those of us who believe in the rule of law and due process are suffering from an embarrassment of riches. Not in examples of decorum or probity mind you. Instead, we have a surfeit of imprudent actions that imperil civilization as we know it. Sadly, this loss of civility and common sense reigns among […]

Another Blunder by Patriarch Bartholomew?

After the failure of Crete you would think Pat. Bartholomew and his synod would realize that their papalist pretensions could lead to schism. Greek metropolitan calls on Constantinople to repent and cease communication with Ukrainian schismatics Source: Orthodox Christian “The Patriarchate of Constantinople’s persistence in granting autocephaly to Ukrainian schismatics has led to these sad […]

If the Past is Prologue…

…then we’re in a heap of trouble. Below is a short (50 minute long) video documentary of Mikhail Denysenko, the so-called Patriarch Philaret of Kyiv. It does not paint a pretty picture. Look folks, I’m very forgiving. Nobody’s perfect. If our Church can canonize scoundrels like King David and Flavius Constantinus as saints, then we […]

Turnabout is Fair Play

Darn it! The ever-delightful Byzantine Texas, has beaten me to the punch again. He even came up with the title I wanted to use. Oh well. Seriously, what did those desk-jockeys at the Phanar expect? That Russia and the rest of the Orthodox Commonwealth would look kindly on this brazen, obviously political move? Really? […]

A Canon Aimed at Moscow?

Well, I imagine that –contrary to the hopes expressed in the vlog below–cooler heads are not prevailing. At least not in Istanbul. What we are seeing is papalism run amok. Ultimately, this will not stand. Unfortunately, in the meantime, much sorrow will ensue. Including schism. And possibly bloodshed. And all for what? To try and […]

Ireland: What Happened?

Four months ago, in May, the Irish Free State overturned the Eighth Amendment, that once-proud Catholic country’s ban on abortion. This sent shock waves throughout the world. Ireland; a tiny country whose out-sized influence on the world was due to the massive diaspora of its stubborn and resourceful people. A people which, perhaps more than […]